Try our new product: fruit purees with the benefits of herbs from FrutoNanny!


Meet the novelty from FrutoNanny — fruit purees... with herbs! They combine fruits and berries with natural herbal extracts to provide health benefits and enrich children's diet.


*Contain naturally occurring sugars

The new release is available in two interesting flavor combinations:

  • Puree of selected raspberries, ripe apples and natural lemon balm extract.
    By the way, melissa is believed to have a mild soothing effect.
  • Mashed Altai sea buckthorn, ripe apples and natural chamomile extract. It is no secret that chamomile has an anti-inflammatory effect, and also helps to reduce gas formation. The baby’s tummy will definitely be happy with such a treat.

Fruit purees with sea buckthorn can be offered to a toddler from 12 months, and purees with raspberries and lemon balm suitable for babies from 5 months! Such combinations will allow your child to discover truly unusual tastes.

Happiness is when your child enjoys trying new with FrutoNanny!

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