The main new product of the season is Frutopuffs ® !


The main new product of the season is Frutopuffs ® !

Feel like pleasing your baby with something interesting? Here’s a new product from FrutoNanny — Frutopuffs ® ! It’s a natural, light and healthy snack for children from 12 months.

Frutopuffs ® are made of natural cereals, fruits and berries. No artificial colors, preservatives and added sugar. The crunchy treat melts in your mouth, turning into a fruity cloud. Oh, what a delicate taste!

What’s your baby gonna choose? Multi-slag stars with apple or corn-rice rings with apple and cherry? Difficult choice, because they are all so delicious!


*Contain naturally occurring sugars

Kids can enjoy Frutopuffs ® on their own. Small rings and stars are created especially for kids’ fingers, this form perfectly develops fine motor skills.

A package of useful treats is convenient to take for a walk, on a trip or to the cinema.

Keep in mind Frutopuffs ® will also help diversify your baby’s dietary habits

  • Fill them with milk, yogurt, biolact or juice and offer them to your child for breakfast.
  • For an afternoon snack, add a crisp new product to the curd or fruit puree. It will turn out satisfying, delicious, and, above all, healthy!

Welcome to try!

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