Delicate desserts from FrutoNanny made of milk and fruits!


FrutoNanny knows how to please children, as well as their parents. After all, watching a child grow up happy and healthy is a great pleasure.

New milk and fruit desserts from FrutoNanny will become a favorite treat for toddlers from 12 months old. It’s not only delicious, but also a healthy treat.

Desserts are enriched with vitamin C, which additionally helps to strengthen the children’s immune system. The composition of milk desserts includes natural fruit and berry purees created by us with care and love for your kids.


The novelties are available in three flavors:

  • bright combination of applesauce and milk with sweet banana and strawberries
  • tropical mix of peach and passion fruit
  • vitamin set of blueberries, mountain ash, cherries, raspberries, and black currants

Juicy and rich berry and fruit flavors will help diversify the toddler’s diet and will appeal to even the most fastidious little gourmets. Try them all, because it is so difficult to choose a favorite! The compact soft dessert package is convenient to take with you on a short walk or on a visit. You can also offer your child dessert as a healthy snack in between games, as well as after main meals.

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