Meet FrutoCereals – plant-based products without milk and lactose!


Your child has not tried such a treat yet!

FrutoCereals are plant-based products made from cereals, fruits and berries. The oat-based novelty does not contain milk and lactose.

Ripe fruits and berries will energize your kid for new discoveries and adventures, as well as help diversify their diet. Oats contain many useful substances necessary for the harmonious growth and development of a child.


Fermentation due to lacto- and bifidobacteria provides the product with beneficial properties: probiotics (beneficial microorganisms) have a positive effect on digestion, and the prebiotic inulin (nutrients for beneficial microorganisms) promotes the growth of its own beneficial microflora. The novelty has a pure natural composition — no preservatives or artificial additives.

The FrutoCereals packages depict a joyful bird Ovsyanka, which loves to eat cereals very much.

The novelty is presented in 4 flavors: Strawberry-Banana-Apple and Wild Berries in the format of jars; Raspberry and Mango-banana in bottles.

FrutoCereals can be offered to a baby as early as 12 months old. The all-new product is perfect as a breakfast, midday meal or snack.

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