Here are the winter seasonal novelties — FrutoNanny children’s teas with berries and herbs!


What does mom want after a winter walk? That’s right, tea! But is it fun when only parents drink it? Now you can enjoy tea with the whole family, because your toddler has their own delicious children’s tea. Meet the long-awaited winter novelties with a bright combination of flavors:

  • apple, strawberry and blackcurrant tea with rosehip
  • apple tea with chamomile, fennel and mint

Even adults would not refuse such teas, but they were created specifically for children! The product is presented in two formats: a compact 200 mL package, which is convenient to take with you on the road or for a walk, and 500 mL, to always have something at hand when the child asks for more tea.


Complex combinations of berries and herbs will help diversify the children's diet and expand the palette of their taste impressions, which are so lacking in winter. FrutoNanny teas are not only rich in taste, but also have health benefits. They contain only 100% natural ingredients without the addition of sugar or artificial flavors and colors. Even the most fastidious kids will not resist the combination of berries and herbs.

Naughty friendly characters enjoying winter fun are waiting for the child on tea packages. Join them quick and drink tea with the whole family!

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