Here are the new fruit pieces FrutoNanny!


FrutoNanny knows what’s what in snacks for kids. Natural, delicious and convenient – all this is about FrutoNanny products. Our fruit slices are made of natural fruits and berries and don’t contain added sugar, flavors or artificial colors. Parents of little fidgets can takeout fruit slices to organize a lunch or afternoon tea even outside.


*Contain naturally occurring sugars

Fruit pieces «FrutoNanny» is a treat for kids from 1 year old. It can be included not only in the basic kids diet, but also in additional meals in kindergarten or at school break. To expand the menu of little gourmets, we have updated the line of healthy fruit treats with new bright flavors and interesting shapes.

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New stories on the packages of fruit slices won’t let you get bored!

In company of inquisitive heroes, kids will be able to count how many points a ladybug has and find out where the mysterious marmalade tracks lead.

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