A unique novelty! FrutoPuzzles with entertaining cards in a package!


Can fruit marmalade be not only delicious and healthy, but also entertaining? Yes, of course!

FrutoPuzzles is the children’s fruit marmalade with bright combinations of flavors: apple-mango and apple-berry mix. It is made from selected fruits and berries and doesn’t contain added sugar or artificial flavors and colors — only natural ingredients that will definitely suit your toddler’s taste. The unusual shape of marmalade puzzles is designed specifically for young researchers to interest them and become their favorite treat.


*Contain naturally occurring sugars

Inside each package you can find a collection of educational cards for studying antonyms, which are also made in the form of puzzles. They will help to entertain the child with a game and expand his vocabulary. On one side of the card there are three pairs of antonyms, on the other — a real tour where our heroes will show how fruits and berries turn into fruit bowls.

Take FrutoPuzzles with you on a trip to spend time on the road usefully. They will also help to distract the child in the queue to the doctor, diversify the game at home and, of course, have a quick snack for energy!

It is always not only delicious, but also very interesting with FrutoNanny!

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